2016: The Year of Bucket Lists

I apologize. I’ve been terrible at updating this blog. This entire year.

In my defense, it was a crazy one. In May, we had fires ravage the province near where we used to live (and I worked), and my job was shifted down to the city and off-shift. We were also privileged to host expectant friends for a few months while their city was evacuated, and to join them in welcoming their new baby. (They also introduced us to the wonderful world of Ethiopian cuisine and culture).

I started a new position (same company though), and Andy got his dream job. Mae is now 6 and has pretty much mentally retired; she still expects her daily 5km run, but will shepherd us up to bed at 9pm and glare at our friends if they stay over too long.

Most excitingly, Andy and I both knocked dream trips off of our bucket lists, which we will get into in a later post. All in all, we are super grateful for the experiences we’ve had, the new friends we’ve made, and the delicious craft beer we’ve gotten to drink this year. 2016 had its’ down sides, but it was also our best year yet.

Five things we learned this year:

  1. Ethiopian food is delicious. If you haven’t tried it, find yourself an authentic restaurant and order some Alicha, Keye Wot and Misr Wot on Injeera. Enjoy!
  2. 21km is a doable distance to run. But you can, and even without training that hard (not necessarily recommended). But the right shoes are critical. #productplacement #onrunning
  3. Language does not have to be a barrier. Most people (Looking at you France) are helpful and excited when you try, and with hand signals and google translate, the world is your oyster.
  4. People are wonderful, resilient, and generous, and we are super proud to live in this province.
  5. Canada has an amazing craft beer scene. I discovered my favorite beers this year – Dead Frog Brewery’s “Imperial Milk Stout”, Ribstone Creek’s “Old Man Winter”, Village Brewery’s “Blacksmith”, and BlackBridge Brewery’s “Milk Stout”, to name a few. Andy’s prayer of thanks is that he is “rich enough to not have to drink commercial beer”.

So please forgive me as I belatedly update blog posts that should have been done months back, and stay tuned for our upcoming adventures and projects as I start back on shift and return to being the part time trophy wife. Happy 2017 y’all.

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