Fabricland and Furniture

We’ve had a double mattress/box spring set in one of our guest rooms for over a year now, and I’ve always had build a bed frame for it on the to-do list in the back of my mind. Recently, however, we had some company come to stay; this gave me the final push to complete the project.

I’d been looking up rustic style frame patterns for a few days, but nothing had really spoken to me (read: my level of laziness). As luck would have it though, while visiting a friend the weekend before, she offered me a new option.

“I have an old double bed frame in my garage. It’s been there forever and it’s yours if you want it.”

I knew as soon as I saw it that the frame itself didn’t speak to me, but the bones were solid and the leg work was beautiful. Immediately I began imagining the possibilities, which took up the rest of the afternoon as I checked through every bolt of material in Andy’s personal hell: Fabricland.

Now, try not to be offended here mothers, but I’d like to equate upholstering furniture to childbirth (or what I’ve heard of it). The process is painful, but after it’s over you have something beautiful in front of you and you’d do it all over again. If you’ve ever had to purchase foam in Canada, you’ll get what I’m saying here.


Mae making sure everything is done to code

Alas, four hours and many dollars later, I and my handy helper set off to begin the makeover. Mae isn’t very helpful, but she’s good for morale.

  1. The headboard had bars instead of a solid frame, so I overlaid some plywood from our basement to better support the foam.
  2. Using some leftover Cabot stain from Mel’s bedside table – (Aged Leather is just so gorgeous of a colour), I restrained the legs.
  3. A good glue is your best friend. Foam was cut to fit the headboard and foot board, then stuck down before the fabric was laid.

And then the most difficult, time consuming, ear deafening step: inconspicuously stapling the fabric onto the boards. I added some glue as well to really get a good stick, and a few hours later…. voila!  A brand new bed. What do you think? I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and it’s really changed the feel of that bedroom. The next step will be to outfit the room with some more furniture. Less bachelor, more chic. Hopefully within the year, ha!

Things to remember:

  • WEAR EARPLUGS. I use the Dewalt 2in 1 Stapler/Nail Gun, and aside from a good hand cramp at the end of the day, you will get a headache/ear ringing if you don’t use the proper hearing protection. Foam plugs are available at your local hardware store.
  • When picking a fabric, do the wrinkle test before you purchase. Give it a good crunch. If it wrinkles, move on. This will be a huge pain when attaching, and will not wear as nicely when used.
  • Wrapping corners is a huge pain. Matching them is even worse. If you want twins versus sisters, make sure to remember the technique you used to save frustration. The Chronicles of Home has a good play-by-play for one style here. Side note: that X bench is amazing. I may have to try that in a coordinating fabric! (See? I’ve already forgotten… going to need to sell a kidney for that 4″ foam piece)

Most importantly, have fun, stay safe, and live your best trophy-wife-life.

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