Saws of the S.E (Project #1)

In my Aug 30 post, I wrote about my latest adventure – A girls only building club.

Well, we met. We built. We glued. We drank (a bit). Luckily my husband is a trained EMR, in case the blades and bubbly didn’t mix well. In all seriousness though, we were safe.

Our first project was a modern lamp from build-basic. Would I do it again? Probably not. The lamps turned out great (see header photo), but the plans could have used a good dose of clarity and the connections could be reimagined. As a first project though, it was a good opener to using the tools and materials.


Changes I would make:

  • Instead of connecting the thee pieces (one long, two short) to make the cross, a circ saw could be used to notch out half the middles of two ing pieces. This would both improve the strength and reduce the time required to cut, drill and screw the tiny pieces together.
  • Connecting the top cross to the outer body becomes quite difficult angle wise – once one side is connected the drill has to be held at a non-linear angle with the screw. If I could do it again? I’d only use one long piece to support the frame and then glue on two small stubs to support the feather-light lamp shade
  • Learning how to connect the socket kit was interesting. The instructions that came with the packaging were brief, but I was able to find a tutorial for a similar company’s kit that was a lightsaver. And if you do this project? Buy some electrical tape to wrap the connected wires! It will also buy peace of mind that you won’t burn down your house. Yeesh!IMG_0208

At the end of the day, we walked away with some snazzy new lamps. The one thing I really like about this plan though is the ability to swap out the shade – makes it an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up your house. Plan rating – 3.5/5 stars.

Stay tuned! Our next project will be around the theme of benches. Let the house furnishing club continue!

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