Riding Against the Wind (CDR Pt I)

I’d already decided I was going to go riding in Quebec (and booked my tickets into QC and out of Montreal) by the time I’d settled on the Chemain du Roy (CRD) trail. So of course I was a bit unsettled when I found a blog post highlighting the false flats and high winds associated with biking East to West.


Being the stubborn woman I am, however, I gritted my teeth and continued on with my original plans. 300km. 145km from Quebec city to Trois Rivieres. 165km from Trois Rivieres to Montreal.

Day 1: Quebec City

Have you ever travelled with a bicycle? This was my first time, and being slightly cheap I went the bike box route. Side note: when asking your husband to pick up a cardboard bicycle box, always specify it is a cardboard box. Poor Andy spent a whole morning calling around for the elusive “Bike Box” (TM). Oops!

So off I set, with one large giant TV sized box, a small carry-on backpack, and my helmet. Dragging a bike box through the airport is the equivalent of carrying a cute baby. Everyone is interested and wants to chat you up about your grandiose adventure. Keeps the waiting interesting! After landing into the very windy and rainy Quebec City, I squeezed my giant box into the back of a taxi sedan and stumbled my way through French directions to the BEST B&B I’ve ever stayed at.

The hosts of Au Bois Joli, Jean and Georgette, were gracious and let me check in early to drop off my bike and bag. The room was perfect, and the hosts set me off downtown with maps, recommendations, and a transit pass.

My first stop was a food tour with Voir Tours Quebec. We sampled at 7 different places over the course of 2.5 hours, including salmon tartare at Restaurant La Crémaillère, every maple product possible at Les Délices de l’Erable, some wild game hors d’ouevres at Patriarche, and ham and cheese buckwheat crepes and cider at Le Hobbit creperie. There were also stops for wine, poutine , and chocolate.

Tour review: 4/5 stars. The tour rang in around $50, and I would have preferred fewer stops with more substantial samples and discussion. But that’s just me. The weather was looking grim at that point, and I started fearing for my trip as the winds and rain fell onto my sandalled feet.

I followed this up with a stroll about town (and Old Quebec) before heading back to the B&B, where I passed out cold until the following morning.

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