Preparing for the Chemin du Roy

What do you do when you find yourself with a bunch of credit-card points and a taste for adventure? Impromptu bike trip!

I’ve been meaning to get over to Eastern Canada for a while now, and with a few hundred in points needing to be used before October and a penchant for cycling, I easily settled on the Chemin du Roy in Quebec.

Now we can all get lazy at times, which is why I purposely purchased flights into Quebec City and out of Montreal with a set time period in between. In order to meet up with an old university friend on the Friday night, I’m estimating 120-150km/day. Have I ever biked this far? No. Can I? With the right amount of judgement and poutine-maple syrup-cheese incentives …. absolutely!

Stay tuned for how this adventure unfolds, but so far I’ve lined up the following fantastic events for my itinerary:

  • Small Group Food Tour/Historical Walk of QC
  • Craft Beer Tour (Montreal)
  • Winery visit (Vignoble Carone Wines)
  • Cheese Producer visit (La Fromagerie des Grondines)
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One thought on “Preparing for the Chemin du Roy

  1. Sounds great Charlie, take lots of pics!

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