Plans Plans Plans! (And no boys)

I’ve recently started a girls-only building club in my basement. Somewhat inspired by the little rascals, I’m debating making a sign for the basement door – first project?!? And thus, the great saws vs bows fight of 2015 has begun as Andy and I compete for who can take over more of this unfinished space. (Spoiler: I’m going to win). He did put together some manly (read: rustic) shelves out of extra fence boards we had lying around the back yard, so hopefully that will contain his area to an 8x3x6 space.

But back to the club. The plan is to tackle an easy intro-to woodworking project (see lamp link) and then move onto some more difficult and time consuming pieces – like a bench or an armoire. While I’m excited about starting this, if I’m honest,  the only thing better than placing a finished piece in your home is searching for the perfect plans.

While prepping for our first meet up, I unearthed a few interesting blogs/sites which I have added to my ever-growing project list. Without further ado, I present:

Top 3 New Inspiration/Plans Sites:

  • Build Basic: Includes some great tool tutorials if you’re just getting started.

Check them out and get inspired – Happy Planning!

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