Ten Ways With Tile

One of the benefits in living in a new community is the plethora of leftover construction materials available. While binning is illegal, there are creative ways to “source” materials, including gaining permission from local foremen. Our old room-mate Kate is a self described Master Binner – going on walks with her is being in the presence of greatness (that’s a quote). And I do have to hand it to her, the girl has a gift. Kate once found brand new intact glass shower doors. In. The. Garbage. Not to mention the entire garden she sourced from excess building materials. So it’s no surprise that on our walk last night, she spotted the beauties in the main photo. The seven sheet find of  beautiful tile have lead to this post: Ten Ways With Tile. Imagination commence!

1) Trivet(s) Kudos to Kate, this idea was all her. How easy! How beautiful! I even found a tutorial on how to convert tile into a table saver. 008 copy 2) Drink Coasters Obviously this one would require some cutting. The pattern and gaps on the tile we found would make this super simple though. Follow the above tutorial (just make the base smaller).

3) Kitchen Island Bringing the backsplash back to its original use here. Laying tile on the top will make it a breeze to clean.If you’re looking for a plan to build the base, Ana-White offers up easy plans here. Final 4) Porcelain Pet Feeders For the fashionable (or messy) pooches out there, these simple raised dog feeders can be spruced up with a bit of tile on top. The best part is, the height is easily adjustable for older dogs or for keeping your small pup out of the big pups’ dish.

5) Subway Tile Bookcase (with actual Subway Tiles) Give your bookcase that extra pop by filling in the backing of a few of the openings with a flashy backsplash. This is especially great if you’re using that slot for a feature piece. 75d3c5450efd0648a478bcae7e60a00b 6) Dresser Update You don’t even need to build a new dresser for this one. Just Reface the front of the drawers with a tile inlay for an easy makeover. Careful when you reattach the handles though – they will need to screw into the board still. 519246bfc1c1a5959d65bbf188627aeb 7-8-9) Coffee Tables/Dining Room Table/Side Tables Does it have a top? Is it boring? Replace/Fill/Overlay your favourite tile to give an old table (or newly constructed table) a new life. Below are some great ideas: c0fbb836b588bc46c1597c385aea40bc

10) Bathroom Backsplash On a lot of homes, there is a small strip between the counter and the mirror. This could be the perfect spot for using your leftover tile. Since the strip isn’t super wide, you don’t need very many slabs of tile to cover the space. Bonus: if the tile is leftover from a kitchen reno, it will tie the two rooms together nicely. Tutorial here.brown-bathroom-backsplash-ideas Now I’m super excited about these projects. To top it off, I just remembered we have leftover tile from doing our condo backsplash a few years back. Bring on the tiling!

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