Where Did All These Bottles Come From?

Wow. It has been quite a crazy winter. Between shifts of work, shifts of school and going home to visit family, this is my first week at home in over a month! For all of you wondering, yes, there are still multiple projects on the go. My goal is to finish the headboard by March, the bed-side table either this week or next, and in 4-6 weeks my latest undertaking (drum roll please…..)

Wine making!

Andy and I have been toying with the idea of doing this for a while now. Weighing the merits of producing our own pinot. Manufacturing merlot. Brewing a bordeaux. I could go on…

Long story short, we picked up a wine making kit (moscato) and all the necessary supplies on our most recent trip to Costco. Don’t judge. If we’re any good at it, perhaps we’ll try something more distinguished for the next batch. And if not, you’ll be getting a bottle or two of yeasty grape juice for Christmas 2014.

The question on everyone’s mind though, including ours is: where did all these bottles come from !?! We managed to pull 30 wine/champagne/sparkling grape juice containers out of the closet this past week, and since we’ve only lived in this house for one year…. that’s some staggering math. Did we actually drink all that? I can’t remember. See what I did there? And here’s some more math for you numbers nerds. Are 30 $3 bottles of wine cheaper than 5 – $18 bottles if you drink them both in the same time frame?

Either way, in this high fertility season of birth announcements, we are making ours: Charlie & Andy: brewing something delicious. Due March, 2014. I also foresee building a “nursery” to store all these bottles of joy. But perhaps I’ll finish what’s on my list already first.


Have you done a home brew kit? How did it turn out? Any suggestions as we start this adventure?





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3 thoughts on “Where Did All These Bottles Come From?

  1. Cam Stehr on said:

    This is awesome… I’m thinking of doing the same thing and probably from scratch beer too.

  2. Apple wine is much more delightful than grape and for those that get a headache from the chemical change of grapes fermenting probably won’t get it from the home picked and brewed apple wine….

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