Product Review: Cabot Stain + Sealer

Update: Do not leave this product in the garage over winter! It will freeze and turn into an unusable jelly. Lesson learned.

For an impatient painter like myself, stain is an amazing invention. I love the way it brings out the wood’s natural grooves and knots, but I especially love how it turns flaws into beauty marks. Everything looks better in stain. So far in my project work I’ve been sticking to the Min-wax brand, using 2 coats of ebony stain and 2 coats of a semi-satin sealant. This week however, my friend Mel and I have turned the garage into a lady-cave of sawdust and stained wood. She’s building a bed-side table, and I’m putting together some wood based Christmas crafts. (More to come on both when they’re finished). We stopped over at Lowes a few days ago to pick up the materials, and curiosity got the best of us with this new 2 in 1 stain from Cabot. Mel grabbed Aged Leather and I picked up Autumn Glow. My review: Ease of Use: Requires a paint brush and needs to be put on evenly. Not as forgiving as a rub on stain, but dries quickly. Smell: Minimal. This is a low VOC stain. Dry Time: The tin states 2.5 hours, but the wood was dry to the touch within 15 minutes. Cost: On par with stain-only stains. ~~$8.00 CDN for the size shown. Great value, considering I don’t need to buy a sealant as well. Clean Up: 5/5 stars. Because it is water based, you can rinse out your brush in the sink. Finished Product: See the pictures below for what it looks like on spruce. I’m very happy with the resulting colours. Overall: 4.5 / 5 Stars. While I’m extremely happy with the result and price, this product does require patience and a smooth hand to apply colour evenly. I’d buy it again though, as the 2 in 1 factor saves a lot of time.


Aged Leather – 2 Coats


Autumn Glow – 1 Coat

Have you used any other stain brands? Any recommendations/warnings?

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