Hunger and Games: A Catching Fire Kind of Week

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a teensy weensy little bit obsessed with Suzanne Collins Hunger Games book series.  It is only fitting, therefore, that this week has a Catching Fire theme to it as the second movie is officially released tomorrow night.

Andy and I were lucky enough to snag advance tickets last night, and I must say: it was amazing. I’ll admit the first ten minutes had me questioning the film, as the new director has a very different style, plus they cram the first half of the book into in, but the movie grew on me. Would I see it again? …. Yes. There is a lot of character development built outside the book, but this is nicely balanced with verbatim lines from the second novel. Needless to say we’ll be picking up this gem when it comes out on blue ray, and eagerly anticipating the third and fourth movies. Team Peeta! (Andy is defiantly on team Gale)

And onto eating …

If you’ve read the books, you’ll remember how food centric Katniss’ time in the capital was. Last year we held a pre-movie potluck party with foods from the book, but tonight we’re just going to stick to a slightly exotic and spicy meal worthy of the flames. I only have a few days off shift so there isn’t enough time to really get into it.

Cue Spicy Thai Noodles off of the blog A Small Snippet.

When I first saw this in my Pinterest feed, I was intrigued. Simple. Flavourful. All the ingredients I already have? Sign me up. But then, as I was walking the exotic food section of our local Superstore I found something new: sweet potato vermicelli. How will these two combine? We’d find out.

Post meal: Quite good. We threw in some chicken sauteed in the chili oil which balanced things out nutritionally. The potato noodles were interesting. A nice flavour, but the texture would have been better with a rice vermicelli or whole wheat noodle.

And of course, DIY…

At some point in the next year or two, we have plans to turn our unfinished basement into a theatre+guest room+office. Since Andy will be picking Star Wars/War Movies/Star Trek/HP for his half of the theatre, I’ve been searching the internet for classy Hunger Games themed decor for mine.

Movie PostersI found these prints on Etsy which are a little bit classy and simple enough that we could diy them ourselves. They cater to both our love of the movies and also reading.

Have you seen the latest movie yet? What did you think? Any favourite parts/parts that drove you nuts? Team Peeta!

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3 thoughts on “Hunger and Games: A Catching Fire Kind of Week

  1. Christy Longshore on said:

    Team Peeta all the way!!!

    Going tonight to see it!

  2. Ahhhhh, I LOVED IT! I totally agree with you about the first 10 minutes. But then it was just sheer brilliance! They stayed so close to the book and it makes me so happy. Teem Peeta all the way!

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