Table 2.0

To Andy’s chagrin (he doesn’t want to have to move the weighty dining room table back into the basement), I’ve decided to build a table 2.0. As I mentioned earlier, there are little flaws that bother me to no end. The question of the day is, to redo, or make new? Should I follow the same plans, perfecting my earlier work? Or should I try something different now that we have more furniture and have developed a theme? Let me know your thoughts on these five options!

1) Shanty2Chic

2) Ana White Benchwright Dining Table

Benchwright Table

3) House of Wood Dining Table

Rekourt Dining Table

4) Modern Farmhouse Table (No stretcher, breadboards)

5) Original Farmhouse Table (with pocket holes)

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5 thoughts on “Table 2.0

  1. OOOO, I am so excited you are blogging, Charlie! I love when my friends blog ๐Ÿ™‚ Will definitely be following along. P.S. The name is perfect!

  2. Finally, a blog I will follow.

  3. Victoria Regan on said:

    Hard to choose between Shanty2Chic and House of Wood, both are AMAZING. Either way, I think you’ll kill it! Super pumped for your blog.

  4. be mindful that wood always shrinks and stretches… do not put it two directions on top because the one way will not allow shrinkage the other way and you will have gaps… like on ours ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to share a meal on your table… bring it by some day ! you can both come with!

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