How It All Began…

I’ve always had an interest in tackling new projects and attempting new recipes, but when the 2012 football season rolled around (first one since we’d gotten married), I knew drastic measures needed to be taken. Some of the other fantasy-football widows and I decided to take on a project so big and time consuming that we’d stay occupied and sane. Working a 6on/6off shift, all that football can start to get to a girl when the game is on for four of those six days.

Enter Ana White and her wonderful Farmhouse Table Plans. None of us had any serious wood-working experience, but we all knew we wanted to build something amazing and useful. Husband’s scoffed, the lumber-yard men oggled, but on we persevered. Andy and I were upsizing from our condo in a few months and would need a house-sized table. Dana was ready to trade in her high square table for something more kid/growing family friendly. Sam was looking to replace her kijiji find with something spectacular.

Off we went with nothing more than a sense of optimism, a visa card and some modified plans.

I was the first to finish. As it turns out, when moving to a new place there are certain items you should pre-order (couches, blinds etc) and with only a bed and a small chair for furnishings, the table became priority. Being my first project ever, there are a few flaws that kill me, so table 2.0 is in the planning stages of being built.


Total cost for all supplies came in at $100. A lot better than Pottery Barn or Restoration Furniture! So the splurge on the chairs was balanced out.

The chairs were found at revolve furniture, and the bench was made from another of Ana's plans.

The chairs were found at revolve furniture, and the bench was made from another of Ana’s plans.

Dana took a bit longer to finish hers. Between popping out a second son and running her home business though, we finished it together this fall.

Isn’t her stain incredible? And she found the matching chairs on kijiji after finishing. Perfection.

Sam’s table is still in process, but I’m sure it will be amazing. She’ll have the benefit of learning from the mistakes Dana and I ran into on ours. Sam has had her hands full with a new little girl this year, so the delay is totally understandable.

Needless to say, building that table opened up a whole new world for me. No longer do our husbands scoff, and the men at home depot are starting to know me by name and project! So please enjoy as I discover and share new plans, recipes, workouts and projects; all the things I find to stay busy on my days off. Hopefully they will inspire you to tackle something new as well.

PS: If you’re still wondering about the blog name, it refers to the shift-work lifestyle. Although you work your butt off for 6 days straight, by day 3 or 4 of long-change you can start to feel like a bit of a trophy wife, sitting around the house making up projects, sleeping in or GTL.

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One thought on “How It All Began…

  1. Love your new blog! I’m so happy you decided to take the plunge and I can’t wait to follow your upcoming projects!

    xo jen

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