Asian Theme Cooking Week

I try to mix up what we have for dinners while keeping meals wholesome/hearty/healthy. Not to say we don’t give in every so often. I may or may not have a penchant for candy (cherry blasters and Mike&Ikes to name a few), but as a good wife I make sure all traces of junk are gone by the time the Volvo pulls into the garage. Also neither Andy or I have any self control for junk food in the house. Leave a box of Lucky Charms in the pantry, and they’re sure to be gone within three days. What can I say? They’re magically delicious!

No matter what I leave in the house on my days away, I know Andy will pick crackers, peanut butter and canned soup, which also makes it doubly important that we get our greens and lean meats during my days off.

In all honesty, Asian theme cooking week was kicked off by the outrageously terrible Chinese Food video. I stumbled upon it on nights this week, and it gave me the worst craving for ginger beef. Which led to a Pinterest hunt for a recipe. Which led to the discovery of a weeks worth of incredible looking meals.

So here we are on Monday, one meal down and three to go. I’ll let you know how the others turn out, but so far it’s been delicious. If you’d like to follow along, links are below, or check out the posts on my Tested Recipes board on Pinterest.

Sunday: Lemongrass Chicken on Vermicelli

Monday: Ginger Beef on Rice with Steamed Broccoli/Carrots

Tuesday: Salad Rolls with Peanut and Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

Wednesday: Coconut Curry Noodles

Thursday: Pumpkin and Carrot Soup (it is halloween after all, so we’re subbing in something for fall

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One thought on “Asian Theme Cooking Week

  1. I heartily approve of all the above meals!

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